Stock Market Strategy Provider

The stock market through smart investments has made more people wealthier and has provided more financial freedom for those that sought & profited from it.


Stock It Up 1 is an Informational & Strategy company that provides the necessary knowledge, and strategy for individuals who are already investing or for those who want to start to invest on their own in the stock market.

We are not a stockbrokerage company with an online trading platform, and we do not provide any financial planning or advice. Nor do we do any investments for clients. We simply teach individuals who are willing to learn to invest on their own in the stock market.


There are basically two choices in investing. One you invest with a professional financial planner or advisor who will invest your money in individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds and so forth. Or you invest on your own in the stock market with an online trading platform such as your bank where you manage, control and profit from your own investments.

The question. Do you have what it takes to be successful? Do not be caught up in the 95% that make less amount of money then the other 5% do! Are you willing to learn, roll up your sleeves and do a little bit of exploring on the side? I promise you if you do, it will reward you!

This is where we come in! Stock It Up 1, is a new company that has a simple program designed in providing information, knowledge and a good strategy so that individuals can have the best tools to research and make better choices in their own investments in the stock market.

Through hours of honest hard work, educating oneself, research, faith and help from above, I was able to come up with a good strategy in choosing the right stocks and this is exactly what we want for you to accomplish.

Why Stock It Up 1? There is so much bad information out there, that are provided by some so called experts. When one looks at the advice or recommendations given on certain stocks and you check them out and discover that there are no logic reasons in making an investment in those particular stocks and then you ponder and ask why these recommendations?

We believe that individuals could and should pick and choose their own stocks, and this is exactly what we do at Stock It Up 1, help you do just that through sound and solid research.


People always ask the question. Is investing in stocks gambling? And the answer is yes and no!


And yes, it becomes gambling when you decide to invest all of your life’s savings, or at the risk of your home and family. But especially when one decides to invest in so called hot and hyped up stocks recommended by so called experts without any research done on the companies with their financial statuses, and so on.

And no, it becomes an investment when you are researching on the company’s financial situation and so on and they are a good company and therefore you are buying shares in a solid company that has proved itself over the years and is still strong.


There is no secret or magic formula in being successful and choosing the right stocks. But logic, research, having a good plan and strategy can accomplish just that. And that is exactly what we do for you at Stock It Up 1.


Stop looking down, Start looking up, the Sky is the limit, Stock It Up 1 Solution is your Success!