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Informational & Research Provider

Founded by a successful businessperson like you, a common individual wanted to invest in the stock market and sought to extend his financial freedom & success.

There is a saying in business; “You can be right, or you can be rich, you can have reason, or you can have results,”  pride or success, it is always your decision.

And there is another saying. “Where attention goes, energy flows and results show.”

Attention = focus! Energy = action! Results = reward!

One of my favorite Bible verses “Write the vision down, make it plain because he who reads it may run with it.”

What does it mean? Write your vision down on paper, make it plain, so that it is crystal clear that which you want to do, your passion so that you can see it and run with it and take action.

Find your strong point. Are you a morning person or a night person? And that should be your best time to write what is in your heart, that which is inside you that you always wanted to do.

And it should be the same approach whether you are looking to invest into stocks or are already doing it. Do it in your time of your strong point. This is the best time to do your research.

This is what I did for my commercial cleaning business. I wanted to be different from my competitors and I used the same principal, and I was successful.

I also wrote a book, “The Matrix The Secret Unveiled.” I am not a writer, but I always wanted to write a book and I did. I also published it on my own with Kindle Direct which is owned by Amazon. And I used the same principal. Knew my strong point, which was the morning. I would have my coffee start to write and the rest is history. You can do anything if you put your mind to it.

And I did the same for the stocks. Listened to some so called experts and made some bad investments and that is when I decided to use the same principal, morning, coffee, pen and paper and started to do my own research and came up with a good strategy and it worked. In 2020 I made 77% on my Canadian stocks and 64% on my American stocks and overall made 70%. 

I learned one thing. It pays off to do your own research like I did and you should do the same. The advantage you have is that I already have done that for you.

Look at the health industry as an example. Have you ever noticed that hardly any of the dietitians, or nutritionists and so forth ever agree on what is the best diet plan. Some say it is good to eat carbs or plant-based foods, others say cut the carbs just eat meat and proteins and the list goes on. Who do you believe? Who do you follow? How do you pick and choose?

And it is the same in the stock market. When choosing stocks and passing it through the scrutiny of so called experts, some will agree to buy that particular stock, others will say hold that stock and some will say no it is time to sell that stock or do not buy it. Some experts will post a stock as a weak buy and some will post the same stock as a strong buy.

Who do you believe? Who do you follow? Is it yes or no, is it left or right? How do you reason or make sense with that? How are you supposed to analyze or interpret that? That is why it is paramount that you educate yourself, that do your own research with the information that we have provided and not doing things or making decisions blindly. Your hard-earned money and your investment is too vital.

Do not allow just any voice in how and where you should invest your money.

It is amazing what you can accomplish when you have the right and honest knowledge! Honesty and Integrity goes a long way in life!

I will not say good luck because it has nothing to do with good luck, neither with a quick get rich scheme. Have the passion, do some homework, research with the information and knowledge that we provide and last but not least do not forget your strong point time with your pen and paper, write it down, take notes, make it plain, take action and run with it, slowly and surely.

Stop looking down, Start looking up, the Sky is the limit, Stock It Up 1 Solution is your Success!