Strategy Provided & Steps To Take

First you need to find an “Investing Platform Firm” where you can do all your transactions in buying and selling the stocks of your choosing. Example, the bank that you deal with. That is where you will see your investment performances, gains, the financial statuses, and so forth.

At Stock It Up 1 we provide you the know how in searching for the best stocks available.

How do we do that?

We provide a list of almost every business category (90) that exists in the stock market.

We show you our strategy so that you can decide which are the best stocks in each category.

We provide you with a detailed spread sheet for you to work in making those decisions.

We show you how to diversify with our strategy for the best dividend stocks.

We explain the common sense behind our strategy with a detailed explanation of what is really significant and important in the stock market.

We show you how charts work and how important they are.

We show and explain the importance of researching the company and not the market, with the explanations of fundamental financial statuses. How are they doing at the moment? Are they financially sound? Do they have cash available? Do they have a lot of debt? And occasionally you should search if they are planning to expand or do a merger with another company and so on?

How stop limit works, the strategy behind it and its significance and protection.

We show you our strategy with the win and lose ratio with the odds being in you favor.

A simple strategy with good knowledge and information in helping you with the right tools in doing the right research so that you can make the right decisions.

Food for thought. We will explain how in Canada with (RRSP’s) or in the USA with (401K / IRA) you will have extra deductions and returns that you can use to invest into stocks with a tax-free savings account. Whatever profit (according to the Government’s limit explained) you make in stocks become tax free.

You will receive the Seven Steps for your success.

Step 1: List of categories (90) in the stock market
Step 2: Financial abbreviations and their explanations
Step 3: Charts and how they work
Step 4: Examples
Step 5: Spreadsheet work chart
Step 6: Strategy investing with income tax returns
Step 7: Recapitulation of all steps
Bonus: Includes the 1 year Analyze 1 program

Plus: Bonus IPO’s what they are and how they work and the “PPGolden Rule.

Stop looking down, Start looking up, the Sky is the limit, Stock It Up 1 Solution is your Success!